Team-spirited Professional with 7 years of experience that are applied principles of electronics systems engineering and automation technology as an electronics system engineer.

With a deep knowledge in ICT Information Communication Technology coupled with the digital control systems (Automation Technology) knowledge, energy solutions, and project engineering (Systems Analytics).

DigiTech Consulting

Our objective is focused on a variety of paths in which ICT solutions are mentioned as the technical know-how for the innovative and transformative role in different issues solved. However, provide specific decision and guidelines aid together with appropriate to encourage the employment of ICT solutions.

However, monitoring of implementation and regular evaluation of standardized techniques and analyse the performance and effectiveness of ICT solutions for energy-efficient management. The use of ICT in the energy sector increases where ICT is helping on developing more energy-efficient systems. Consecutively, efficiency is achieved by calculating, identifying, and reducing the energy consumption of the ICT equipment in the infrastructure for appropriately estimating correct and fruitful results.

Therefore. the use of ICT raises in energy efficiency and the information flow across all the parts of the energy by providing technical support on each hierarchical level of the energy sector.